Difficult communications, personal and cultural differences, and other challenges can lead to conflict. Left unchecked, conflict leads to lost time, flawed decisions, and stressful work environments.
ADR Vantage’s solutions help your employees resolve immediate conflicts, learn to manage matters as they arise, stay focused, and respond more effectively in the future.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution is the right solution when individuals or groups of employees are in conflict. Mediation, conflict coaching, and conflict facilitation for groups are processes that offer a pathway out of the trap of conflict, toward lasting change and resolution.

Mediation and Facilitated Dialogue are informal but structured processes to resolve conflicts between two or more people. Whether matters of behaviors or conduct, relationships, communication, or a combination of these, our experienced mediators help uncover and address the root causes of conflict as quickly as possible.

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one process to strengthen individual skills, confidence, and strategies to work through conflict. Our Conflict Coaches empower employees to resolve their own conflicts.

Group Conflict Facilitation helps groups break through when relationships or collaborative decision making are stuck. Our facilitators get people talking and moving ahead constructively.

Conflict Assessment

Conflict Assessments blend surveys, focus groups, and interviews to pinpoint where and how tensions affect the workplace and offer recommendations for improving communication, collaboration, and decision making. Conflict Assessments might also be part of an Organization Effectiveness assessment when conflict seems to be a result of organization-wide change or challenges.

Conflict Skills and Capacity Building

Conflict Skills and Capacity BuildingADR Vantage offers training, coaching, webinars, and resources for all levels of your employees along with practice, feedback, and tools to integrate new skills. We help your employees to:

  • Communicate respectfully and honestly
  • Structure dialogue, debate, and decision making
  • Ease rising tensions
  • Resolve issues early

Training Programs and courses such as Conflict Basics ©️ provide an opportunity to learn and practice core conflict management skills. Solutions for managers and leaders also include giving feedback, mediating employee conflicts, and managing conflicts of their own.

Coaching is a solution for anyone, including for leaders, emerging leaders, and managers. One-on-one coaching sessions can be paired with related training programs. They also draw from real-world experiences to reinforce the development of skills.

Webinars and Resource Materials complement ADR Vantage training programs and can be adapted to match goals specific to your organization.

Policy Development consulting helps you align your conflict management goals and practices with your organization’s policies in areas such as human resources, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and other related areas.


Conflict Management System Design Consulting

Taking a systemic approach to conflict across an entire organization requires an integrated strategy and clear plan. ADR Vantage guides you through a staged approach to address immediate needs while preparing the organization for anticipated pressures. Over time, a conflict management system might include skills training, leadership workshops, the development and adoption of team discussion and decision-making procedures, and other internal conflict management processes and principles that reflect your organization’s mission, values, and goals.