Our Values

ADR Vantage blends your insights with our corporate values of collaboration, transparency, and confidentiality, and our unrivaled expertise and service to strategically match our solutions to your unique workplace.

  • Collaboration: Focusing our commitment to your goals. We draw on your wisdom and experience and apply our areas of expertise to bring you recommendations and best practices that move you toward your goals.
  • Transparency: Keeping people informed, engaged, and building trust. We clarify expectations about project communications, updates, and outcomes and are straightforward in communicating within that framework.
  • Confidentiality: Holding in confidence identifying details, whether among the staff or about your organization. People and organizations collaborate more freely and are more open to innovation when they trust the processes and their consultant. We make sure everyone knows how we will safeguard shared information.

approach diagramHow We Work

Whether we are training, facilitating discussion groups, conducting assessments, working with you on an organizational strategic plan, or helping you learn to better manage conflict-our approach is focused, creative and responsive. Our energetic team generates trust, stimulates robust participation, and helps your team engage and commit to the outcomes.

From your first contact with us, you can expect careful listening, thoughtful questions, a timely response, and both time-tested and innovative solutions that match your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure that the outcomes exceed your expectation!


Our partnerships complement our core services and bring to your projects deep expertise in human resources, leadership, coaching, resilience, and more for solutions tailored to your organization.  ADR Vantage taps our relationships with some of the most sought-after leaders in their fields to add related dimension to our expertise in Conflict Management, DEI, Organization Effectiveness & Coaching.  This ensures that you have access to the best, most diverse, and innovative solutions and resources. We enjoy seamless collaborations as subcontractors for the KonTerra Group and the Eastern Research Group, and as collaborators with the University of Baltimore College of Public Affairs, Gold Enterprises and Spectrum Leadership Solutions, among others.

quoteADR Vantage are my "go to" consultants for my most complex projects. If you have the pleasure of working with them, you have already taken your organization to another level of excellence.quote

quoteWorking with ADR Vantage, I have seen the consummate level of professionalism. From the pre-consultation to strategic partnerships, both short-term and long-term projects are completed meticulously with a big picture impact.quote