ADR Vantage’s organization effectiveness and coaching solutions leverage the unique dynamics of your team and strengthen their resilience and ability to work well together, even in the midst of change and growth.

Audits, Assessments, and PlanningAudits Assessments Planning

Assessments prepare you and your team for the actions you want or need to take to increase productivity, weather an unexpected crisis, or move your organization to the next level.

  • Capacity Audits test your organization’s readiness before launching big strategic initiatives.
  • Climate Assessments isolate conditions and trends that are impacting your team. They also reveal opportunities to strengthen communication, trust, processes, decision making and team unity, and they provide the information you need to shift the focus to the future.

Strategic Planning brings that future into focus. ADR Vantage works side by side with you to bring together perspectives from across your organization into a unified vision for your shared success. Whether you need to address an immediate need or opportunity with a Short-Term Plan, or you recognize the value of Long-Range Strategic Planning to move your organization in a new or different direction, our team gets you focused, aligned, and ready to execute your plans with precision.

Team DevelopmentTeam Development

Effective organizations are powered by effective teams. They coordinate action, develop expertise, and deliver unique value to the whole of the organization. Wherever the team is in its lifespan, ADR Vantage’s organization effectiveness solutions for team development incorporate critical elements of team growth and success.

Teambuilding Workshops help teams improve collaborative relationships and set the groundwork for mutual support around common organizational goals. We help new teams to get a stronger start, and we help long-established teams to refresh and connect to new goals and commitments.

Facilitated Team Dialogues support open discussion and feedback, reduce conflict, and enable development of workable and durable solutions to temporary setbacks. Our approach helps teams become more resilient and more able to support each other through challenging times and conditions.

Team Coaching is a sustained effort to help teams to explore and overcome specific challenges to their effectiveness. Our coaches help teams develop skills they need for more effective collaboration, dialogue, feedback, accountability, problem solving, and decision making.

Group and Intergroup Facilitation group Facilitation

Group and intergroup facilitation are solutions when active and full participation by all team members matters. Our framework and skilled facilitators promote a respectful exchange of diverse opinions and ideas so that team members can hear each other, come together around shared goals, and improve and sustain internal and cross-team effectiveness.

Effectiveness Coaching

Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Coaching complements other organization effectiveness solutions and is increasingly recognized as critical for improving interpersonal skills. Existing or emerging leaders often use coaching to hone leadership attributes, adjust ineffective behaviors, and build skill and confidence in supervising and influencing organizational direction and decisions. Coaching is also a solution for all employees wanting to develop insights and skills, and to support stronger relationships and work performance.

ADR Vantage coaches partner with your employees to define and work toward specific goals. We hold the space for them to explore, while still moving toward their goals, with a variety of approaches and tools such as 360° feedback assessments, personality or strengths assessments, real-life practice, observation, and feedback.

All of our Organization Effectiveness and Coaching solutions can also be combined with services that address Conflict Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Training.