The incredible people who make up our team are the reason we can so confidently serve our clients. Our talented internal staff each anchor their own areas of expertise and are your access point to all the services and products we offer. Our extended team members are among the most accomplished practitioners and consultants in their fields. We are proud to introduce you to some of the more than 160 members of our network that we are privileged to be able to recommend. Our team allows us to get right in step with your needs and to offer a broad and diverse array of options that can be tailored to your specific projects.

ADR Vantage Staff

Dianne C. Lipsey, MA, ACC


As president of ADR Vantage, Dianne (she/her) maintains lead responsibility for the strategic direction, business development, and financial management of the firm. She also loves engaging with her clients as they explore ways to enhance workplace relationships and their organizational culture. Dianne’s clients recognize her as an intuitive, insightful, and empathetic resource.

Tara B. Taylor, MPA

Managing Director

Tara (she/her) provides leadership in planning and strategic direction for ADR Vantage and leads the firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting practice. She also divides her time between overseeing multiple client engagements, business development, and providing an array of services, including conflict management, training, facilitation, and strategic planning.

Heywette Elias

Project and Operations Manager

Heywette (she/her) has a unique role of managing the efficient flow of our operations, overseeing the timely progress of our projects, and engaging our clients, partners, team members, and vendors. With a passion for our work, Heywette is often the hub that links our operations, projects, and relationships.

Kayla Elson, MA

Conflict Management Program Manager

Kayla (she/her) serves as the nexus between ADR Vantage’s clients and consultants, overseeing the firm’s conflict management projects. Kayla’s naturally compassionate, intuitive, and strategic approach to her work fosters trust and confidence, and helps individuals and organizations build positive relationships and transform problems into solutions.

Shayne M. Julius, MS

Director of Operations

Shayne (she/her) oversees operational activities of ADR Vantage and specializes in technology-based solutions to enhance client learning and achieve development outcomes. She brings strategic thinking and a systems approach to her consulting and is recognized for helping clients navigate the dynamics of even the most complex projects.

Melinda Ostermeyer, MS

Director of Programs

Melinda (she/her) oversees client projects, supervises Program Mangers, and works with our roster of practitioners supporting each of our consulting practices. In addition, she provides strategic leadership, enhances management practices, supports business development, and provides a wide array of coaching, facilitation, mediation, and organization development services.