The Department of the Air Force (DAF) is developing a Conflict Competence Framework to build enduring capabilities to recognize and diffuse conflict and to encourage productive resolution of differences among personnel at all levels. When implemented, the Framework is intended to augment DAF’s training and education strategy in support of mission readiness.

This project is the initiative of DAF’s Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (NDR) Program. As part of the validation strategy, we will be requesting your feedback on the framework. This page is a repository for the current version of the Conflict Competence Framework, all strategy documents, and supporting research documents. This page also provides information about when and how to comment.

See The Framework

Click here to see the latest Conflict Competence Framework Draft and supporting research and documents.

Share Your Feedback

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Feedback Meetings & Information

Below is the list of meetings and information on how to join.

Initial Leadership Briefing
Meeting Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2023 from 1500-1600 EST
ZOOM Information: N/A – session occurred

Practitioners Focus Group
Meeting Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2023 from 1030-1330 EST
ZOOM Information: N/A – session occurred

Program Managers Focus Group
Meeting Date: Thursday, 30 March 2023 from 0900-1200 EST
ZOOM Information: N/A – session occurred

Follow-Up Leadership Briefing
Meeting Date: occurred

Want to provide written feedback? Email us at by 1700 EST on Monday, 3 April 2023.

Email your comments directly or attach the Framework with your track comments/changes.

Survey Information

Are you an enlisted Airman/Guardian or leader?
Look out for more information about a survey where you can provide your feedback.

Draft Conflict Competence Framework

The documents in this repository are related to the Conflict Competence Framework. Select any of the tabs listed below for access to the current draft of the Conflict Competence Framework, the draft Education Strategy, supporting research, and additional documents.

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