Every four years the political landscape in the US undergoes a dramatic change.  Even when the President or the party stays the same, many of the people change.  New priorities and points of view shape the future.   As we approach such a shift, it’s timely to think about how change affects us and how we can affect it for ourselves and others.

As a coach, I know that change can be unsettling and even frightening and at best uncertain.  But there’s energy in that uncertainty, which, when we can keep our bearings and harness and direct that energy, can lead to greater opportunities than we would have otherwise known.

So, what do we need to keep our bearings and channel our energy

First — Confidence to believe, however difficult it may be, that we have the power to create the change we need;

Second — Competence to apply ourselves, maybe learn new skills or shift our mindsets but always knowing that we are capable of it;

Finally — Persistence to work at it, taking it one step at a time, until we succeed.

“We don’t ask you to believe in our ability to bring change, rather, we ask you to believe in yours.”   ― Barack Obama

Dianne Lipsey