Even when organizations start to get the diversity part right in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work, it’s often the inclusion part of the equation that gives them more trouble. Many struggle with creating a truly inclusive experience for employees (“a work environment where all people feel respected, accepted, supported and valued, allowing all employees to fully participate in decision-making processes and development opportunities within an organization”) and find it is even trickier to measure its overall impact.

Data collection through employee assessments and surveys, as well as focus group discussions and individual employee interviews, all help to paint the picture of where your organization stands related to DEI. The Gartner Inclusion Index is an example of another tool to include that allows a quick pulse check-in with just seven (7) questions to get a holistic view of inclusion from your workforce. After much research, 45 employee experience questions, and over 10,000 employee surveys, the Index distilled down seven core concepts that best represent elements of inclusion that can help organizations to take a more holistic view of their employees’ experiences at work.

  1. Fair treatment: Employees at my organization who help the organization achieve its strategic objectives are rewarded and recognized fairly.
  2. Integrating differences: Employees at my organization respect and value each other’s opinions.
  3. Decision making: Members of my team fairly consider ideas and suggestions offered by other team members.
  4. Psychological safety: I feel welcome to express my true feelings at work.
  5. Trust: Communication we receive from the organization is honest and open.
  6. Belonging: People in my organization care about me.
  7. Diversity: Managers at my organization are as diverse as the broader workforce.

“To put it simply: The greater the degree to which employees agree with these statements”, the more likely the organization has a truly inclusive environment.

As with any pulse survey, the Gartner Inclusion Index reflects employee experiences at a given moment and can certainly fluctuate over time for a variety of reasons. However, leaders can utilize their employee responses to the Index to set a baseline measurement of the inclusion experience in their workplace that can be compared over time for consistency and opportunities for improvement. Responses to the Index questions can also reveal gaps or differences in experiences across the diversity of individuals within the workforce and can also help leaders to identify areas for future progress.

As the focus on DEI for organizations continues to grow across the globe, there is also a growing demand for solutions and strategies that offer accountability and can successfully measure for impact. Employee feedback is one sure way to stay connected to the experiences of your workforce and to gather meaningful data to inform your leadership approach and strategic planning for organizational DEI efforts. The Gartner Inclusion Index offers one quick and approachable method to consider adding to your efforts and to best understand the day-to-day inclusion experience of your employees.

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Tara Taylor, MPA
Managing Director