This week, Rick Buccheri, ADR Vantage’s Director of Programs, facilitated “Navigating DEI in ADR Practice”, an engrossing discussion among ADR practitioners and program managers exploring how issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion affect the practice of alternative dispute resolution. It was an in-depth conversation, and a great opportunity for practitioners to learn from expert panelists, Dr. Yunzi “Rae” Tan and Cheryl Jamison, JD. You can now watch a recording of the webinar at

The nexus between DEI and ADR continues to be explored and ADR Vantage hopes to further our work in this area with future research and events. In the meantime, we welcome you to start to engage in your own thoughts and exploration of how the dimensions of DEI may impact and interact with the practice of ADR.  You can start with this great list of resources that were offered during the session:


Recommended Books:

Recommended Academic Papers:

Recommended Websites & Other Related Resources:

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