6 ways you can support and participate in Pride Month:

  1. Learn – seek out articles, documentaries, podcasts, and other resources about LGBTQIA+ history and learn more about pronouns, inclusive terminology, current issues, pending legislation, and workplace policies and practices. Invite your LGBTQ+ employees and/or resource groups to share information or bring in a guest speaker.
  2. Become an Ally – consider sharing your pronouns on your email signature line and on your virtual platforms, post on social media, follow LGBTQIA+ influencers, and support LGBTQIA+ supportive businesses and campaigns.
  3. Donate – to LGBTQIA+ organizations and charities like GLAAD, ACLU, Trevor Project, It Gets Better Project, and/or The Human Rights Campaign Foundation.
  4. Show up – participate in Pride parades, festivals, or fundraisers to show your support but also make sure to show up every day for your LGBTQIA+ colleagues, neighbors, friends and family by speaking up against hate, bias, and discrimination.
  5. Make Changes – evaluate your organization’s policies related to diversity, equity and inclusion, human resources, dress codes, leave practices, transition policies, and more, and then act to ensure equal access and opportunity exists for everyone.
  6. Engage – Follow, Reshare and learn from these amazing LGBTQ+ activists, educators, and thought leaders: Lily Zheng, Max Siegel, Stephanie Battaglino, Bryce River Jordan-Celotto, M.A.T., C. Fowlkes, PhD, Celia Sandhya Daniels, Nate (Spierer) Shalev, Patrice M. Palmer and so many more!

Pride Month has been celebrated every June since 1970. Check out this great infographic for quick facts and learn the origins of why Pride Month is celebrated in June, by visiting https://www.history.com/topics/gay-rights/pride-month for more history. Happy Pride Month!

Infographic Creator: @MildreylAvila, http://www.mildreylavila.com/links