From our Managing Director, Tara Taylor…

When I first learned to mediate, I felt like there were so many “not to dos”. Things I was not supposed to say or do, in an effort to maintain my neutrality, to avoid making judgements, and to allow self-determination for the parties. In the midst of all that, I was also trying to find my own personal style and approach that would best assist my clients. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least!

However, after a while, I found one “to do” that has stuck with me all these years. As a #mediator and #conflictmanagement professional I always try to hold the space for opportunity. Some call it being a cheerleader for the process. Others call it having a positive attitude. Whatever you call it, I’ve found that bringing a sense of optimism, into any #disputeresolution process, goes a long way at helping others work through their conflict. When parties are directly involved in a dispute it is difficult for them to imagine how things will ever get resolved. As mediators, we may not be able to offer suggestions or recommendations for the way others should resolve their conflicts, but we CAN help them believe that resolution is possible and that today can be better than yesterday.

Photo credit to my mom who gave me this little office sign for a gift this year! ????