Before the outbreak of COVID-19, our team at ADR Vantage was regularly traveling across the country to support teams, facilitate dialogues, resolve conflict, and provide training. As self-quarantining was just beginning, two members of our team, Tara Taylor and Rick Buccheri were preparing to deliver training for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at airports in Florida and New Mexico. By the time stay-in-place orders were enacted, all travel had been halted, leaving everyone unsure of how to continue to support employees from afar. To their credit, TSA immediately shifted to working with us to provide this training in a virtual environment.

This month, Tara and Rick, with the support of TSA’s Communications Solutions Specialists and local airport leaders, delivered several interactive training sessions to help supervisors effectively provide performance feedback and navigate difficult conversations with their employees. TSA did an amazing job by preparing employees prior to each session, developing printable instructions and handouts, and building in additional time to help employees log in and navigate the virtual environment. Tara and Rick kept the session lively and created multiple activities for the employees to engage with the training content and with each other. Employees asked questions in real-time, practiced with role-play scenarios, and participated in facilitated discussions. TSA leadership was extremely pleased with the training saying, “making classroom content engaging and relevant in a virtual environment is a huge accomplishment.”

Being able to quickly adapt training that was originally designed for in-person delivery to a virtual platform is crucial for many organizations right now. Although stay-in-place orders will eventually be lifted, virtual training is likely to be used more than ever when we return to whatever the “new normal” is. Virtual trainings help employees stay connected while learning critical new skills that they need on the job whether they are stationed at an airport, at an office, or at home.

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