Graphic Facilitation – The collaborative technique uses visual images to help participants identify a vision, generate an action plan, and chart a path towards change. Graphic facilitation stimulates creativity, invigorates meetings, and guides groups toward action. The dynamic visual images are easily shared with other members of the organization creating context for further collaboration and synergistic involvement.

Implications Wheel® – The Implications Wheel is a strategic exploration tool that enables users to rapidly identify potential long term positive and negative implications or consequences that naturally emerge as a result of change. The tool is the result of twenty-five years of research and experimentation by futurist Joel A. Barker. The process reduces future uncertainty through a process of strategic exploration which provides new insights about the possible outcomes of a new strategy, decision, or change. With a highly visual, graphic structure, the wheel provides a disciplined methodology that encourages non-linear thinking and brings together divergent points of view to optimize the results of decisions. The process allows for dialogue rather than debate or consensus.

Emergenetics® – Learn how each individual is genetically hard-wired with a tendency to think and behave in certain ways and how their environment influences their leadership. The profile yields insights into thinking preferences (i.e., Analytical, Structural, Social, and Conceptual) and dominant behavioral styles (i.e., Expressive, Assertive, and Flexible). Emergenetics has been successfully used to strengthen leadership skills, build teams, and create a collaborative culture in Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Emergenetics is also extremely effective as an executive coaching tool for emerging and existing leaders.

Individual Assessments – Assessment tools can help individuals and their managers assess technical and interpersonal competencies in order to build greater leadership capacity and increase productivity within organizations. Our team can administer tools, such as the Apter Motivational Style Profile, the Leadership Profile Inventory, Emotional Intelligence assessments, conflict styles tools, and 360 degree feedback processes, to provide additional individual and team insights.

Management/Leadership Competency Definition and Measures – Performance-based competencies for managers and executives are the leading indicators of performance success today. Such tools, as the Balanced Scorecard, provide a framework for structuring competencies that are both internally and externally driven. In the field of Information Technology, both technical and managerial/leadership competencies have taken root and are becoming widely defined and measured. Our team recognizes the importance of linking key competencies and related work expectations to all employees throughout an organization.

Executive Coaching – Increasingly top private sector executives have coaches to help them refine their competencies and increase their performance. The American Society for Training and Development noted in a recent executive study that individuals without coaches succeeded in modifying their behavior in about 40% of the cases; whereas, those with coaches were successful nearly 95% of the time. Working with clients, our coaches have achieved quantifiable objectives resulting in promotions, goal attainment, and more effective teams.

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