IT Leadership Development

Individual, Team and Organizational Assessments

Assessment tools can help individuals and their managers assess technical and interpersonal competencies in order to build greater leadership capacity and increase productivity within teams and organizations. Tools, such as Emergenetics®, Leadership Profile Inventory, conflict styles assessment, and 360 degree feedback tools, are useful in providing such insight.

Process Design and Facilitation

ADR Vantage has senior level facilitators available to design and facilitate a wide array of meetings, discussions, board and staff retreats, and other small and large gatherings. The team of facilitators is comprised of highly skilled trainers who can offer a wide complement of training and facilitation skills to meet the needs of each group. Some of the specialty areas include: Strategic Visioning and Planning, Change Management, Group Crisis Intervention, and Multi-Cultural Facilitations. Our graphic facilitation techniques use visual images to stimulate creativity, invigorate meetings, and guide groups toward action.

Leadership and Management Development

Managing employees and teams effectively is the cornerstone of a successful leader. Performance can become more outcome-driven using performance competencies. ADR Vantage can create a leadership development program to prepare emerging executives for their next leadership opportunity. Upon completion of our customized Leadership and Management Development Programs, today's IT managers become leaders with the skills and competencies needed to be effective synthesizers by integrating people-process-technology.

Change and Transition Management

Change is an evitable process in today's workplace environment, both public and private. Ensuring that change occurs with minimal disruption requires an effective transition management approach. Based on the model developed by William Bridges, the ADR Vantage team helps executives "bridge" the gap between old and new cultures helping people be committed partners in the organizational environment.

Teaming, Partnering, and Relationship Management

With creation of more government and business partnerships, the need for effective partnering or alliances has emerged as a critical business and business-government contracting tool. Recognizing the role of a relationship manager, ADR Vantage provides partnering and facilitation services for business, transportation, and government leaders. ADR Vantage also assists clients in updating their organization's strategic plan and mission statement. The firm facilitates senior staff retreats, leadership teams, and visioning sessions for all industry sectors.

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