IT Leadership Development

Services for IT Leaders: Integrating People-Process-Technology™

Our model for IT Leadership Development integrates people, process, and technology, and thereby provides a framework that develops IT managers into effective IT leaders.

The newly transformed IT leader must be capable of partnering closely with business clients while heading an organization of technical experts. The IT leader must be able to leverage the expertise of each team member to accomplish the goals of the team, the project, and the organization. IT executives have emerged as organizational synthesizers, integrating the needs of others with the appropriate business process and technology. Increasingly, IT executives find themselves re-engineering business processes as they apply the "right" IT solution. Today Information Technology is about the integration of people-process-technology™.

For these reasons, ADR Vantage offers a comprehensive customized IT executive leadership program. As a result, emerging IT executives will be able to demonstrate IT management competencies in order to achieve overall business performance. Using graphic facilitation, the corporate vision becomes more closely aligned with IT practices and priorities. Our team is highly experienced, multi-disciplinary with expertise in the development of management performance metrics.

ADR Vantage can help shape where IT leaders and their teams can be tomorrow by focusing on: (1) individuals and team members and (2) organizational and process changes.

ADR Vantage, Inc.'s project team offers in-depth experience working with IT leaders using our proven leadership framework to help ensure success. Through a competency-based assessment of emerging IT leaders today, ADR Vantage can help craft an IT Leadership Program for any IT-related organization. IT Leadership Performance Services typically includes a customized Individual Leadership Plan (ILP) for each leader, and helps executives identify and enhance specific IT management competencies that they all will strive to achieve.

IT Leadership Performance Services

Elements of ADR Vantage's customized Individual Leadership Plans for IT Executives:

  • Individual Assessments – 360-degree assessment and thinking and behaving preferences
  • Organizational Assessment – teams, organizational dynamics and culture
  • Training – communication, management, conflict management, etc.
  • Executive Coaching
  • Conflict Management – facilitation and mediation
  • Action Learning – through peer networks and teams
  • Performance Competencies and Metrics – customized

The IT Leadership Performance Services provide today's IT managers with the skills and competencies needed to become effective synthesizers (and leaders) by integrating people-process-technology. They will become competent in leading in the four core areas necessary for success:

Performance Measures, including the Balanced Scorecard and the Federal CIO Council's Performance Measures – linking performance measures to enhanced business and technology solutions

Change and Transition Management – supporting and guiding people through the chaos and uncertainty of change as they integrate new processes and technology

Strategic Visioning – integrating people, process and technology to align with the corporate vision

Succession Planning for Emerging IT Leaders – the ability to attract the best talent into IT leadership positions is a critical ingredient for success, along with systematic data retention of those employees who are close to retirement

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